Exploring Music Clubs and Organizations in Johnson County, Kansas

Are you looking for music clubs or organizations in Johnson County, Kansas that promote local bands? Look no further! There are plenty of great options to explore. The Java Special Interest Group is a great place to start. This group focuses on Java programming topics and provides leadership in information technology education and public policy. The Egg computer lab is another great option, offering projects related to Delphi, graphics, image processing, fractals, chaos, mathematics, and Perl.

For those interested in sailing, the Johnson County Sailing Society is a great choice. They cater to both newcomers and experienced sailors alike. The Kansas City Women's Choir is another great option for music lovers. This choir advocates for social justice and includes community service in its mission.

Art Has No Borders is a cultural event in Kansas City and Johnson County that promotes minority participation and understanding of the energy industry in the Kansas-Missouri region. Sertoma International and Foundation is a civic service organization headquartered in Kansas City with 800 affiliates. The Shawnee Area Chamber of Commerce creates a better business climate and a better quality of life in one of the fastest-growing cities in Kansas. The Group at the Westport Allen Center in Kansas City is another great option for music lovers.

This group focuses on Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation and provides information on PKD and PKD research. The Urban League of Greater Kansas City works to improve the conditions of African Americans and other minorities. The Zenith Boosters Club discusses issues affecting Kansas City, the nation, and the world. Kansas City Section - Association of Government Accountants is dedicated to improving public financial management.

The Kansas City Direct Marketing Association supports members and the business community by providing information on how, where, when, and why to participate in the program to rejuvenate housing in the city center. The ACLU protects and defends the constitutional rights and civil liberties of all people in Kansas and Western Missouri. Many of the Kansas City choirs are comprised of volunteers who perform at a professional level. Chapter 868 of the EAA - Friends Of The Aquarium is a group that promotes Frodog's Lowridin' in K project.

Individuals and organizations dedicated to amateur artistic creation are an integral component of Kansas City's thriving arts community. The Kansas City Metropolitan Area Arts Council has a comprehensive database and searchable calendar of events that encompasses most of the numerous arts and cultural organizations in the region. Passages Kansas City supports gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth while RESOLVE provides infertility support, information, promotion, and education. Rampart Search and Rescue Inc is another great option for those looking for music clubs or organizations in Johnson County, Kansas that promote local bands.

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