KANSAS Band Cancels Tour: What You Need to Know

The legendary American rock band KANSAS has recently declared the cancellation of their upcoming tour due to a member of the band testing positive for COVID-19. The tour was planned to take place in June and July and was meant to celebrate their latest album, The Prelude Implicit. The band released a statement through BraveWords expressing their disappointment in not being able to perform for their fans in Western Canada. Refunds can be processed at the original point of purchase. Moreover, the band has also postponed their concert scheduled for this Friday, May 27 at the Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

This is due to circumstances beyond the band's control, and they hope to be able to play for their fans soon. As a result of this, the concerts scheduled for April 24 in Vancouver, April 26 in Edmonton, April 28 in Calgary, April 30 in Saskatoon, May 1 in Regina and May 3 in Winnipeg have been canceled. It all began back in 1973 when six boys from a local band from the heart of the United States started a journey that surpassed even their wildest expectations, achieving global stardom. To commemorate this incredible journey, KANSAS has released a limited-edition Miracles Out of Nowhere DVD that tells the story of the band for the first time. This Memorial Day, they are also paying homage to the sacrifices of the American military with a limited-time special edition t-shirt “Carry On, Wayward Son”.In 1977, KANSAS followed up on the success of Leftoverture with the release of the album Point of Know Return, which contained the hit single “Dust in the Wind”, which sold millions of copies, along with fan favorites such as “Portrait (He Knew)”, “Closet Chronicles” and “Paradox”.

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, KANSAS has also launched a charity campaign for the families of fallen soldiers in the United States. A lot of fans are understandably disappointed about the cancellation of this tour. However, it is important to remember that safety should always come first. In my opinion, I'd rather KANSAS be safe than risk doing a small tour that they can always come back to later.

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