Experience the Music of KANSAS Live: Upcoming Shows Featuring Local Bands from Johnson County, Kansas

Are you looking for an electrifying mix of funk and blues, driven by captivating styles? This Memorial Day, the renowned American rock band KANSAS is honoring the American military with a limited-time special edition t-shirt titled “Carry On, Wayward Son”. Unfortunately, the KANSAS concert scheduled for this Friday, May 27 at the Parx Casino in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, has been postponed due to a positive COVID-19 test from a band member. If you're eager to witness the incredible story of KANSAS unfold, you can watch the limited-edition Miracles Out of Nowhere DVD. Additionally, Kansas City Symphony musicians are giving neighborhood concerts at JCPRD parks throughout Johnson County.

In 1973, six members of a local band from the heart of the United States set out on a journey that exceeded even their most ambitious dreams, achieving worldwide fame. This summer, Kansas is embarking on a series of 50 emblematic performances in some of the most renowned theaters and performing arts centers in the United States and Canada. If you're looking for an opportunity to experience the music of KANSAS live, you can find upcoming shows featuring local bands from Johnson County, Kansas. The Music House experience has been remarkable and participating in Adult Rock Band is one of the favorite times of the week for many people.

This summer's tour is also part of a charity campaign on behalf of the families of fallen soldiers in the United States. So if you're searching for an exciting way to support a great cause while enjoying some amazing music, be sure to check out upcoming shows featuring local bands from Johnson County, Kansas.

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