Where to Find the Best Live Music in Johnson County, Kansas

Are you looking for the best places to find live music in Johnson County, Kansas? Look no further! From jazz clubs to bars and restaurants, this guide will help you uncover the perfect spot for a night of entertainment. The Final Final is one of the top bars with live music in Johnson County. Located in Kansas City, MO, this venue offers a great selection of beer and an amazing view of downtown Kansas City. The Johnnies Jazz Bar and Grille is another popular spot for live music.

This Liberty, Missouri-based venue is planning to open a second location in the Kansas City Light and Power District. The Riot Room in downtown Kansas City has been a frequent venue for local music directors for more than 10 years. It's a great place to catch up-and-coming bands that not everyone knows about yet. Crossroads KC is another popular spot for local radio stations to organize their concerts.

With a perfect view of downtown Kansas City in the background, it's no wonder why this venue is so popular. The Kansas City Lyric Opera presents most of its productions at the Muriel Kauffman Theater. This particular theater is ideal for those bands that a lot of people know, but not everyone necessarily knows are in town. For jazz fans, there are plenty of clubs and restaurants in Kansas City where you can explore the ever-evolving sound of jazz.

Kim Richey, Bonnie Whitmore and BettySoo, Talya Groves, Clint Ashlock, a native of Kansas City, artistic director and director of the prestigious Kansas City Jazz Orchestra also lead a jazz quintet. Phoenix Street 8410 Wornall Rd, in Kansas City has used its creativity to remodel urban neighborhoods throughout the region. In 1988, Kerns and two of his friends founded Guitars & Cadillacs in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City. Two adjoining spaces on the Johnson County Community College campus offer a variety of exciting programs. No matter what type of music you're looking for, Johnson County has something for everyone! From jazz clubs to bars and restaurants, you're sure to find the perfect spot for a night of entertainment.

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